This game is really personal to me so please be kind!

This is a game about the everyday life of a person with depression. You have to spend wisely your spoons that are a limited ressource and symbolize your energy for the day.

It's not always possible to do what's best when you're ill. I hope this game helps you understand mental health issues.

If you are interested in the spoon theory there are plenty of ressources out there.

Do what you can and don't forget to treat yourself ๐ŸŒฑ 

This game was made for Ludum Dare 44 ("Your life is currency"). It was also submitted to the Actual Adult Games Jam, as the dates matched and my game's theme was adapted.

If you sent a game to Ludum Dare you can rate my here here. Thanks!


PetiteCuiller_1.1.exe 53 MB
Download 105 MB

Install instructions

This is a simple .exe file, no install is required. 

Please be aware that Windows' firewall often blocks GameMaker files, I'm not a pirate!


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This game describes perfectly my life in Uni. I was living alone for the first time, in a small 9 square meters flat. Depression hit hard. I was 18, and very good in class, but failed the year and dropped out. 

The graphics are great too ! Very nice game, thanks for talking about mental health.

short, nice. Simple.


i think there should be more choices.


I've been here, I am here, I live in this game

But I'm glad you had bits with friends. That gave me some hope. This is a simple game but it doesn't need any more than it has really. It did what it set out to do. Great work!


Thanks a lot for your comment! Take care



this really got to me. 

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It's a very simple game but the story does mean a lot.  I know what the character is going through and it's  comforting to find this game and be able to  relate to it. Thank you for making this game me and a lot of other people definitely appreciate it ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–

Great little game, was fun and interesting. The emotions were strong and impacting. I really enjoyed it, I loved how the days seemed monotonous and the hand drawn artwork. :D

This was really lovely and extremely relatable. The art and sounds are very cosy and the sunlight is really pretty. Thank you for sharing this <3